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Milo Better Breakfast Kit

Published April 3, 2014 by ireneyksoh



Thanks to Sister Sheryl, I was able to be within the first 200 lucky person to claim a set of Milo better breakfast kit.  After claiming one for myself, I did not forget to share the joy by claiming more sets for my relatives, colleagues and also for the granny living next door. Sharing is indeed a very wonderful thing. Til now I can still remember the broad smile on their face when I passed them the goodies. Was kinda worried when I did not received phone calls from the company when most of my friend already did. But when they finally called me, I’m so excited that I nearly burst out in tears. Was also happy when all those I had applied on behalf received phone calls from the company too.

The total number of breakfast kit I applied for is 6 sets- one for myself, one for my aunt, one for granny next door, one for my cousin Ivy, one for my colleague Lynn and the last one for my buddy com future bro-in law Chris. Hope you all enjoyed the goodies as much as I do. If got anymore such deals, I will not hesitate to do a mass redemption for you all again. If you got any good lobang, also must share with me okie???


Packed in a specially designed Milo truck shaped box, each Milo better breakfast kit comes with the following goodies:

Milo lunchbox bag
Magnetic schedule board
Small box of cereals (randomly given)
loaf of white bread
1.4kg tin of milo powder
6 packets of milo drink
5 red rosy apples


Each set also comes with a cute milo balloon. I’m too old for it and my house have no young kids. So daddy bring the balloons downstairs to give away to younger kids. Everyone was so happy to get the balloon from him. Good things are really meant to be shared. Don’t you agree?

Milo Goodies

Published November 7, 2013 by ireneyksoh



Thanks to a lovely sister that I had the honour to get to know on facebook, I managed to claim lots of milo goodies for my family consumption. Everyone in my family loves to drink milo. The items in the picture is only partial of the goodies that I had claimed. Hope to be able to provide the same awesome goodness to my family members, just the way my mum did.

And the 2 milo vans in the picture, don’t you find them cute? Got them for an old friend who loved all things vehicles. Wonder if he had placed them along with his huge collection of miniature vehicles…