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Diamond Sparkle VIP Party

Published January 23, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Was very happy to received an invitation from Ms Kiyora Chan to attend their Diamond Sparkle VIP party which will be held at Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Was suppose to attend the session on 21th Jan but was unfortunately unable to due to some private matters. But Ms Kiyora kindly allowed me to attend the morning session on 22th Jan, which is very sweet and kind of her. Along with me was my younger sister.

When majority of the guests had arrived, we settled down to a sumptuous meal of McDonald big breakfast. Shall the attack begins… …

Happily chatting and eating at the same time. We talked about various cosmetic and facial products and also about The Sample store. Seems like most of us there are members. I’m also very happy to be able to meet Joey in person, the lady whom I won the Tony Moly products from.

I played and my hands on the various facial products while my sister check on the cosmetic range. What a spread of awesome products. How not to love the Lush Group for it…

While the others were busy playing with the cosmetic products, my sister and I went for the bathtub instead. If only I had such bath tubs at home. But then again, maybe not. Just think of the amount of water needed per bath. Sure get heart attack when received the utilities bill.

Kiyora asked if we were interested in doing a DIY and we happily welcomed the idea. And after struggling for more than 10 minutes, my masterpiece is finally completed.

The lovely bag containing surprise goodies given to us at the end of the session.

Inside my goodie bag was originally a box of Love More lavendar mask. But I did a mini swapping around and ended up with the following. By doing so, I can get to try out more variety of mask. 

A million thanks to Lush Beauty for giving me the chance to attend such wonderful party. And also to all the lovely sisters I’ve met there. Au revoirs…