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Unusual Snack

Published March 15, 2014 by ireneyksoh

Just when I was getting kinda bore of receiving the same old boring gifts from friends who visited my house during Chinese New Year, one of them gave me a BIG surprise with hers.


The box resembles that of chinese traditional medicine, but it actually contains individually wrapped white chocolates. Not to mention, the taste was really delicious too. Anyone finds this familiar? This is a replica of the medicine that was mentioned in one of Stephen Chow’s movie [唐伯虎点秋香] many years ago. And for those younger friends who may not seen that movie before, below is a short Youtube clips featuring the said item. The video is in Cantonese, with chinese subtitles.

IMG_9134 IMG_9135

For the next item, it may look like a packet of sanitary pads. But the inside contains is packets of twin colored marshmallow sweets. There is nothing special about the sweets, though I finds it a little too sweet for liking. I guess it’s the unique packaging that tempts people into buying it. I wonder what would happen if I would to give this as a gift to any of my guy friends…

 IMG_9151 IMG_9147

Hahaz! What does the last item looks like to you? OMG! Me shy shy! The writing on the box was awesome and eye-catching too! Choco is better than sex… And of course, this is nothing but strawberry and white chocolates. Gave it to one of my colleague who went red while eating. So cute of her…

What about you, friends? What unusual gift have you gotten recently? Care to share with me?