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Japanese Toy Fair @ Takashimaya

Published March 28, 2013 by ireneyksoh

I almost missed out on my favourite fair at Takashimaya until I saw one of my facebook pal’s update about the gashapons that she had bought from there. OMG! Am so glad I made it there before the fair ends and got my fair share of gashapons too.


Get a clear bag from the staff and I happily started choosing and dumping the colorful balls containing anime or cartoon related figurines and merchandise into it. Along with few other customers, my siblings and I were carefully going through every gashapons so as not to missed out any good ones.


A total of 44 gashapons! Hooray! Its even more than my highest record for last year. Maybe because this time, the gashapon capsules are smaller in size, which enables me to squeeze more into the same bag.  While selecting my goodies, I saw two staffs going through the 2 huge baskets of gashapons at a corner too. They were happily picking out those that they like and throwing out those unwanted ones out for sale. Kinda give me a mixed feeling. Should I be jealous that they get to select the good things first? Or should I be angry that the goods things are almost gone after their selections?