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DIY Button Kit From Daiso

Published November 9, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Am very into craft recently and been to many places searching for and buying art materials. Art Friends and Golden Dragon are the two most popular places recommended to me by my friends. But recently, I tend to find small treasures of such at our local Daiso stores too.

My latest craft set from Daiso- DIY Button Kit. There were quite a few sizes available and I choose size 22mm. This is the 2nd lager size button that is available for sale at Daiso. I also got a pack of the refill so that I can make more. I shall now begin my craft work…


I took out the helping kit from the set and also a set of the button materials. For this trial, I decided to use stickers instead of the usual cloth material. And the above is the sticker that I’ve decided how my first DIY button shall look like. And I also prepared a clear plastic sheet as an extra protection for my soon to be accomplished button.


Firstly, I need to assemble the materials and place them in the following order: plastic sheet, sticker, then lastly, top part of button. Using the blue cover, I will need to push it down, till it hits the base of the white tool.


After that, trim away the excess and fold down the flaps onto the top button part. Part one is thus completed. Now I shall moved on to the final step.


 Finally, place the bottom part of the button into the white tool and pushed it down using the blue cover. The blue cover is to aid the pressing down of the lid without hurting your hand.


All I have to do now is to push my self-made button out from the white tool and it is then finally done. Pretty easy, isn’t it? Am now looking for more pictures to make other button. Am so gonna make more and sew them all onto my sling bag.