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Mirai Suenaga X Books Kinokuniya

Published May 7, 2014 by ireneyksoh


Starting 30th April 2014, Books kinokuniya launches a new limited edition privilege card- MIRAI SUENAGA X BOOKS KINOKUNIYA LIMITED EDITION PRIVILEGE CARD that is specially designed for Kinokuniya Singapore by Mr. Danny Choo, the creator and producer of Mirai Suenaga – the mascot character for Culture Japan.

Membership fees for the limited edition card cost S$30 for a year, for both new and renewal application. Card holders enjoyed the same privilege as per regular card holders. Membership fees is slightly higher but Books Kinokuniya makes the deal even more sweeter by bundling it with awesome free gifts – free Moekana 2nd edition Kinokuniya card and Mirai post it pad.

Existing members can choose to pay S$10 to get a replacement card. But after doing some serious calculation (Sorry! But I’m very stingy when it comes to spending money), I’ve decided that its more worthwhile to renew my membership instead.

Let’s do some calculations here:

Replace regular card to Mirai card = $10
One year regular membership fee = S$21.40
Total = S$31.40


Mirai card membership fees renewal (One year) = S$30



And so here’s my new Mirai limited edition privilege card. She looks so cute right? Initially, I cannot make up my mind whether or not to get one. But right after my brother got his card, I become super tempted and proceed to get one myself too. And he was kinda like mocking me after that. But who cares as long as I get my hands on cute Mirai Chan.