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Free Sweets From Sweet Enchantment

Published October 26, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Chanced upon this special deal on wheregotoffer website and happily grabbed one for myself. Free sweets from Sweet Enchantment @ Vivo City. OMG! I want! I want! And of course, I emailed the link to all my friends as well. 50g of mixed candies will be given free to the holder of the above coupon at no hidden cost or agendas. How exciting! And wait, it said got to bring along own airtight container too. Roger on that!

So I happily made my way there after dinner with my coupon in one hand and my recycled kimchi bottled in the other. Simply hand over my coupon and empty bottle and the gentleman gladly load it with almost 2 scoopful of wholesome delicious candies. The actual quantity given is way more than in the picture now. Reason being, I shared some with my colleagues before taking the above picture. The coupon mention 50g of sweets but Sweet Enchantment kindly gave out such a generous portion.

After grabbing my free sweet, I walked into the store and witness the live sweet making process by a few sweet gentlemen behind the open kitchen style counter. A sweet smiling lady attended to me and patiently explained to me the various sweet flavours that are currently on sales in store. And greedy me also takes this chance to try out every single available flavours. Oh boy! They were simply fantastic.

Took me quite some time before I finally decided to get the above two bottle. And for my purchase, I was given yet another free gift- a handmade lollipop worth $4.90. OMG! This is so generous of Sweet Enchantment. I never felt more pampered than that day before. Will definitely dropped by for more once I finish my crrent supply. But at the rate I’m popping in my sweets now, I think it shan’t be a long wait.