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Coming Soon… … Surprise Giftaways!

Published May 30, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Hello, everyone! A million thanks for visiting my humble blog. Sorry to be away for so long. Was kinda busy with work and also gotten kinda emotional for a period of time due to some personal events. But it feels so good to be back again, chatting with all my friends here.  I can’t really fully express how thankful I am to you all. But just want to let you all know, you are all my god sent angels. Thanks for being with me for so long.

Its time for another giveaway in my blog. This time, it will be a surprise one that will be held for the whole month of June 2013. Any day, I will be posting up a surprise giveaway blog post and the first person to reply gets a bag of goodies from me. To ensure that everyone gets to own a goodie bag, each friend is only allowed to win once. This is my way to make sure that I can share the things that I loved with more friend. Do keep a look out for it okie? I will be posting the first one anytime soon.

Prizes Won

Published March 28, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Thanks to all my pals, especially my BFF Evelyn for introducing and tagging me in many online contest, I was able to win so many wonderful goodies. And even if I didn’t really win myself, it feels so happy to know that my pals win the contest. I don’t know how to describe it but the feeling is really good. So red eye monster. No overwhelming jealousy. Everyone sincerely give their blessing to the lucky ones and congrats them in their winning.


Got a pair of Golden Village movie voucher for writing a short blog post. Got an email from Elfanie to write a short blog post for a new product. Am so thankful to her for giving me a chance to own the pair of movie vouchers. Am planning to go watch the new movie titled G.I. Joe: Retaliation with daddy.


Got these lovely babes worth a total of S$30 for doing an online survey by Fraser & Neave a.k.a F&N. The items are kinda similar to one of the prizes for their coin dropping game that ended quite some time ago. Am so happy to own them. A million thanks to my pals for informing me about such great deals. My brother is using the towel now. He super liked it. I kinda forgotten to do the survey using my other family member’s account. If not, I would be able to claimed another few sets. But I am still so happy with what I have.


Got these from signing up for a free account at the Tab a doctor website. Am so happy to be chosen as one of the lucky daily winners. More vouchers for me to spend on groceries for home. What should I buy this time? Harsh brown? Hotdogs? Or my siblings favourite goodies? Or perhaps also some peanuts for daddy?