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Beats Tour With Mic Control

Published November 13, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Been wanting to get my hands on a Beats earpiece for long but didn’t because of its high cost. Being a super cheapo person, I don’t really bear to spend so much money on just a mere earpiece. So the turning point came when I stupidly lost my iphone earpiece after work one fine day and almost claimed my colleague’s one as my own. Seriously, I have no idea how I managed to lost mine and where it went.

An online friend recommend me to Isecret Blogshop, where they sell various models of Replica Grade AAA headphones and earphones. After looking through the various models, I’ve decided to get the Beats Tour with mic. Thanks to the super diligent service of the blogshop owner, my earpiece arrived with a few days from the day I placed my order.


This is the first time I spent more than S$10 on a earpiece. Usually, I would get mine from Daiso to replace when needed. And that tends to happen every new months. Thus the decision to invest in a good one that can last me for long. Oh boy! Sure am I glad that I got it.


I’m so amazed by the quality. Kinda regret not buying this earlier and wasting so much money on lousy Daiso ones. But lucky its still not too late now. Even my brother who tried likes it a lot too. There is a one minor minus point for me though. Despite using the smallest earplug, it still proves to be a little big for me. Maybe my ears are kinda small.

Included with my earpiece is a pair of hook looking thingy. Been exploring it for days but stupid me still have no slightest idea on its usage. Can any friends kindly advise me on it?