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My Little Princess Hamu Hime

Published February 1, 2016 by ireneyksoh

It was by God knows how many strokes of luck (Not sure if its mine or hers) that I ‘rescued’ myself a pet hamster at NEL Mrt station. It was so unbelievable that when I told my friends and colleagues about it, most of them simply stare at me and a few simply went dumbfound. The guys were asking: “Why is it not cash that you had found?” and the ladies were asking : ” You pick up a rat with bare hands?” I was like hahaz… Hamsters does also belongs to the Rodent family but they are different from rats. Same goes to other species like Gerbil, Guinea pig, Mice and Chinchilla.


Thanks to a lovely sister, Liana who helped me keep a lookout on SGfreerecycle page, Hamu hime had a really awesome cage to called its home. There were lots of other part to this cage but I decided to keep it sweet and simple. Not only because Hamu hime is still quite small. Mostly importantly, is due to space constraint in my house.

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My favourite past-time now is to watch the sleeping habits of my little princess Hamu hime. Its not as if my bro and I did not buy any toys for her. We even gotten her a cute wooden house to sleep in. But our darling princess simply refuse to sleep in the house. She would rather sleep all around her cage than inside. The house ended up becoming her dumping ground for empty seed shells and garbage.

Was your hamster that cute too? Care to share with me?