Goodbye Goat… And Hello Monkey

Published February 8, 2016 by ireneyksoh

And so its time to bid farewell to Mr Goat and say welcome to Mr Monkey. Time really flies. And as I look forward to 2015, I can’t helped but looked back at how 2015 had been for me.

2015 has not been a bed of roses for me, with lots of ups and downs like a roller coaster. Many things had happened and for a good reason. I am not going to push any blames to others by saying things like, its because of ‘XXX’ or ‘YYY’ that I had to go through such ordeals. My attitude and way in handling situations contributed a large part to this outcome. I simply did not think more seriously and deeply. I tend to presume a lot of things without confirming the executability and its complexity, as well as taking things from granted.


 May 2016 be a fruitful year for me. May all my family members, loved ones, friends and colleagues be blessed with great health. May we all win in lots and lots of contest together. Lets huat huat huat ah this monkey year…

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