More Rilakkuma Goodies

Published May 10, 2014 by ireneyksoh

When I come across Rilakkuma Preorder’s facebook update that the major prizes for Rilakkuma Ichiban Kuji Part 29 Sure Win Lucky Dips are still available, I can’t stop myself from sending a private message to her and getting three more cards to try out my luck.


Like always, Rilakkuma Preorder was very diligent in posting out my items and I was so thrilled to receive the parcel in my mailbox within a mere three days. Maybe she know rilakkuma lovers like me can’t wait too long to see my goodies. Wanna make a guess what I won this time???


First up is a set of Rilakkuma magnets. Yup! I know I’ve already won three sets of the two designs during my previous purchase. But I had given them away to way to my buddies. So its also good that I got another set this time. But thank God my prizes did not consist of all magnets. “If not, I will sure cry like hell… …


Next up is a rilakkuma tumbler, which I had also the luck to won two during my previous purchase too. I had given away one during lasy year’s christmas gift exchange and the other one was grabbed by my darling younger sister. So yeah, getting one more is kinda good for me too.


But my greatest joy came when I was informed that for the last card that I purchased, I managed to get a Korilakkuma hand puppet. OMG! This is such a surprise… Never ever expect myself to win such a good prize. Korilakkuma chan now sits beside me whenever I use my laptop and also sleep besides me at night.

After getting such a good one. now my hand feels itchy again and feel like buying more cards again… Should I ?

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