Seagate Portable Drive

Published May 6, 2014 by ireneyksoh

Been wanting to get a portable drive but just could not decide on which brand to get. Am so being spoilt for choice by the various brands available in the market that are good in their own ways. Brands like Buffalo, IOmega, Verbatim, Western digital, Seagate and many more… I really had a hard time deciding.

Other factors like the capacity, size and also the data transfer speed also plays a major role in my decision. And most importantly, it had to be wallet-friendly. My brother always said must pay good money to buy a popular brand, rather than getting a cheap one that doesn’t not last long and also risk high chance of data corruption and other problems in the future. I know he is right but my wallet is really limited…

Then help appears around the corner, I won a $50 Challenger voucher. OMG! I’m so happy! Mummy, did you sent me the voucher from heaven? Because you know your darling needs help…


With voucher in hand and advises from all my good buddies, I’ve finally decided to get the Seagate Backup Plus Slim portable drive. Being a Challenger member, the drive cost me only $99. And after utilising the voucher, I only need to top up another $49 for this lovely babe. OMG! I finally bought myself a portable drive after so long. Thanks to all my buddies for the advise, especially my brother. He had been such a great help.


And here comes my brand new portable drive and in my favourite color too. It really fits all that I expected of and even better. Am so happy with my purchase. Can’t wait to start storing datas inside. But wait, my brother is raving at me from the living room … Must perform a reformating and virus scan before using… Roger!!!

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