Replacement Prize From Playboy Fragrance Singapore

Published April 5, 2014 by ireneyksoh

IMG_0288 IMG_0290

Quite some time ago I won a watch from Playboy Fragrance Singapore’s facebook game, presstagtoplay. However, the watch that I received turned out to be a faulty one. I left a comment on their wall and they were very fast in replying and offering me a replacement for the faulty prize. Playboy Fragrance Singapore mentioned that they did a check on all watches before sending it out. But not sure why when I received it, the watch was missing of one crucial needle – the minute hand. Even if post office staff were to be rough and handle the parcel the wrong way. The minute hand would be off the hook but still within the frame of the watch. But sadly, I can’t seems to see any.

Although they were very kind to initiate the replacement, it took them almost 3 weeks to prepare and shipped out the replacement item to me. It was indeed a very long wait and I was kinda worried that they might not want to go ahead with the exchange anyway.

Am kinda floating on cloudnine when it finally appeared in my mailbox. Shall start to use it once i finished my bottle of perfume bought last month.

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