Bodyshop Goodies

Published March 17, 2014 by ireneyksoh

Its been quite a tedious month last month and  decided to pamper myself with some new goodies from The Bodyshop. I’ve been a big fan of The Bodyshop for many years. Since the time when Moonflower and Oceanus are still in production. Those two are my favourite scent. Speaking of, I kinda regret not stocking up on more before it goes into history. White mask is also another of my favourite.

The sales assistants were super friendly and helpful as always. And it didn’t take me long before  made up my mind what I wanna get this time. Though its harder to decide which one not to get.


I bought two pieces of the White mask creamy cleansing body bar, one for my sister and the other for myself.  Also bought myself a bottle of the White mask sensual body powder to keep myself smelling sweet and nice each day. The bar of pink grapefruit soap is for a friend who introduce me to this wonderful soap. I know she would definitely love it as much as I do. The Wild rose handcream is my favourite since I suffered from flaky skins many months ago. Am now using it diligently to prevent my skin from flaking again.

What is your favourite item from The Bodyshop? Care to share with me?

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