I Love Spicy Foods!

Published March 8, 2014 by ireneyksoh

My love for spicy food had beaten my fear of sore throat. Despite trying hard to reduce my chilli intake, I find myself unable to take food without the aids of that wholesome red paste. It can be just normal chilli sauce, to sweet and sour thai chilli, and even to the ultimate belachan chilli. Food tends to taste so plain without it.

IMG_9773 IMG_9799 IMG_9892 IMG_9899

Here are some of my favourite homecooked and also hawker spicy food. Not that extreme til it numbs my tongue, but rather just a dstinctive spicy flavour for that extra touch. Since young, chilli had been a staple food item that never fails to appear on my house dining table.

What about yours? What is that one thing that you must have for your every meal? Care to share with me?

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