Pokemon Pencil Case

Published March 6, 2014 by ireneyksoh


Despite my ‘high’ age, I still cannot resist buying some cute things for myself. And the latest cutey I’ve gotten for myself is the Pokemon metal pencil case. I have been a big fan of Pokemon since I last played it with my brother when he was young. He had outgrown it, only leaving me still attached. I still played the new games whenever they are launched. Speaking of, me still struggling with my Pokemon X 3ds game now. The graphics were really awesome. Okie! Back to my pencil case….

IMG_9501 IMG_9503

The pencil case was decorated with many pokemon pictues and is twin layer. I used to remember how my mum always get me this type or pencil case when I was still schooling. I would place all my favorite pens on the top layer and the others right at the bottom. Til now,  I still had one particular twin layer pencil that mummy got me many years ago when I managed to get good grades for my maths exam. I seriously hate maths when I was young.


The pencil case comes with a free mystery tumbler. And for me, I’ve gotten Psyduck. Though I very much hope it to be Pichu or maybe perhaps Pikachu. But Psyduck is just as good too. Though some of my friends said it looks like me, especially the blank look…


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