Bookfest 2013

Published January 5, 2014 by ireneyksoh

Went to Bookfest 2013 with my family members quite some time ago. Didn’t buy myself any books this time except for a pencil case and also a few pens from Pilot pen booth. There seems to be less variation of books on offer as compare to previous year. Even the booth of my favourite pen brand shrunk and the variety of pens they are offering are not as atttractive as from my previous visit.

IMG_9053 IMG_9058

Bought myself more pens from my favourite pen brand- Pilot, which is totally uncalled for. The amount of pens I’ve own is enough to last me for few years but I just can’t helped buy buying more pens on my every trip to the bookstoes

IMG_9068 IMG_9073

Last item purchased was a Sentimental Circus pencil case. First saw it on sale at Prologue but find the price too steep and unaffordable for me. So was happy to find it selling at almost half price here at Bookfest. But on the other hand, I’m a little sad too. The Sentimental Circus pouch that I’ve bought from elsewhere is also online here at half price, going at only $8.70 too. And the price I paid… heartbroke… Am so gonna wait for sales next time.

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