Clearance Giveaway

Published November 3, 2013 by ireneyksoh


I’m starting to clear my wardrobe and closet of things from now to prepare for Chinese New Year. It may seems kinda early for most people. But at the turtle speed that I’m going things, I’m pretty sure I need more time than normal people. Most of the items that I’m clearing are still in excellent and usable condition, it does not do any justice to the item if I was to simply dumb it down the rubbish chute. And as such, I have decided to give them away here.

I will be placing up pictures of the item that I’m clearing HERE. The first person to comment gets it for free. Item will be send by post with postage cost borne by you. Or you could choose to send me a stamped self-addressed envelope.

This clearance is while items last and each friend is only allowed to grab a maximum of three items. This is my way to make sure that everyone will get to claim at least one item from me and not one single person hogging all the items.

After each post, the item will be put aside for three days and will be disposed of shall there be no new caretakers.

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