Passion Ezlink Card

Published October 6, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Just a mere 2 weeks after I misplaced my bank card, I am ‘proud’ to announce the lost of my passion ezlink card. Super sad especially when I just topped up $20 in it. Along with the card, I also lost another $20 NTUC voucher that I kept inside the card holder for emergency use. QAQ!!!

While reporting my lost at community club, I was given two options. Firstly, to pay S$7.50 for a replacement card. Secondly, to start a new membership card since my current membership is expiring early next year and I could get to choose a welcome gift too. Bad things is my previous points will be forfeited as they are non transferrable to new card. Which would you choose if you were me? For me, I choose the latter.

So rather than forking out a sum of money for a replacement card and another sum about half a year later for yet another new card, I applied for a new card and cancelled the old one with no regrets. Do you really believe that? Damn!!! Of course not! Hear pain leh! All my points gone. But then again, I dont really have huge chunk of points to begin with actually. Just miser me moaning over the lost. The new cards was estimated to arrive within four to six weeks but I received it slightly over two weeks. But til now I still waiting for my refund from the old card. Damn again! They need twenty eight working days to process my refund. Wonder if by then still got any fund lefts inside…

And here is my new passion ezlink card. Must take better care of it now. I feel like poking a hole in the card and tie a string to it. That way, even when I dropped it, I still can sort of ‘drag’ it along with me as I walk. On second thought, think it would spoil the card…

I was given yet another two option when choosing my free gift- a yellow male shoe bag or a black ladies tote bag. Of course I choose the ladies bag lah! I mean why choose shoe bag when I’ve got more than three pieces lying around unused at home. But then again, I’ve got so many bags that this will only add on to my excess. Anyone wanna buy it from me? Must help it find a good owner, than having it lying around the house and later becoming a white elephant.

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