Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Published October 2, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Last month, I participated in the Gain City Facebook 20,000 like contest and am a lucky winner of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet. I was having some doubts when I received congratulary messages from friends who tagged me in the post. Firstly, I never expect myself to be that lucky to be the one winner among the thousands of likes. Secondly, I don’t want to give myself hope, only to find out that its another “IRENE SOH” who had won it. Had a few such incidents before. Guess “IRENE” was really a common girl’s name but didn’t know there were so many “SOH” around. Hehez!

So when I finally saw the email from the organiser while surfing the net during my meal break, that was when I truly jumped up with joy! Its me! Its really me! I called up my brother to share my joy, disturbing him at work! QAQ Ops! Sorry! I also called up my BFF to inform her of my happiness. I also wished mummy dearest would be here too. I so wanted to hug her. But guess she would be smiling broadly up there in heaven and happy about my winning too.


A million thanks to daddy for accompanying me to collect my prize. I really am an road idiot. If not for him, not sure how long it would take me to find the place. Not that the place was very hard to find but being at a remote corner makes it pretty hard to be spotted too. Why must those big companies always loved to setup their office at such far away places??? Cheap rental???


And I received yet another surprise from my BFF. A sleek and slim casing for my new tablet from my BFF. OMG! What good deeds have I done in my previous life to deserve this??  I feel so blessed. BTW: for those of you whom I hugged. Sorry to have frighten you all. I’m just too happy beyond words.

I passed this tablet to my brother to use. Hope he like this tablet as much as I loved the one that he bought for me for my birthday.

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