Cantafe Starter Pack

Published September 26, 2013 by ireneyksoh


Been wanting to try out this brand of coffee for long but cannot make up my mind which flavour to get. Was so happy when they come out with the starter set for sale. Now I can get to try out all the available flavours before I decided which one to place my order for.

The starter set consist of a total of six different flavours of coffee as follows:

・Coffee Cappuccino
・Matcha Cappuccino
・Black tea latte
・Cocoa latte
・Soy cafe


After having given all a try, I find the Matcha cappucino to be my favourite among them all. The matcha flavour in the coffee was distinctive but not too overwhelming till it covers the taste of coffee. Before drinking this, I did not really think that green tea and coffee can be mixed and yet taste so well. Or perhaps its just me who is more ignorant. Am definitely stocking up on more sachets.

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