Pyssla Beads

Published April 25, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Under the advice of my psychologist, I took up yet another new craft hobby to divert my attention (that is getting more and more emo due to the arrivial of the most ‘painful’ day in my life), and make myself feel more happy. It was easier said than done. The loss is simply too great for me to bear and at times I still have the wrong impression of things. Am also getting more forgetful these days too. I just can’t seem to be able to concentrate on things for long. Or should I say, my puny brain seems to love to wonder about these days …

Was shopping with my sister at Ikea when I stumble upon this- Pyssla bead. Been wanting to try playing with this since it was out long time ago. But don’t find myself creative enough to be able to come out with nice designs with the beads. The retail price for each tub is S$9.90. But I bought mine at the AS IS corner of Ikea for only S$6. Don’t find any distinctive difference between the tubs sold at the two different are, except maybe the tubs seems to be slightly dent at some corners.

The boards were also bought at the AS IS corner at a discounted price of S$1. The original selling price of the pack is S$3. Each pack consist of 4 different shape boards and also 2 square pieces of ironing paper.

First, I need to arrange the color beads on the board to form a design I like. Since this is my first trial piece, I choose a simple black and white design to begin with. The beads were kinda small but not so small that I cannot hold it with my mere fingers. Despite so, I still have a bit of difficulty placing them on the board. By doing so, it also kinda make me more focus and calm.

Once I’m happy with my masterpiece, I just had to lay a piece of ironing paper on top of the beads and I’m ready to iron it. The temperature of the iron must be set at the lowest. If not the beads will be fully melt and the design will not be so nice. The aim is just to make it melt slightly and enabling them to stick together to form one single piece of artwork.

This is how the beads looks like after ironing on low temp for about 2 to 3 minutes. You can see that the beads had melt slightly but not totally. There is still some visible holes in each beads. But at this time of point, the beads are already sticking together. Let it cool down for a few minutes before removing it from the board. Not forgetting to lay something of a certain weight on top of your masterpiece while waiting for it to cool down. This is because the beads tend to curve slightly when cool. The weight will keep it slightly flat.

And here comes my masterpiece. Am so happy with my finished work. Planning to make more to give to friends and relatives. Or perhaps make some to use as coaster to use at home now. There is a limit of design I can make as Pyssla only comes in 10 colors as compare to other similar beads like Hama beads and also Perler beads. But its enough to keep me entertain as of now. Need more cute designs. Google, here I come!

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