Sony Earpiece

Published April 3, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Due to some unforsee circumstances, my faithful Dr Beat earpiece gave up on me. It’s all my fault. Should have taken better care of it. I am such a bad owner. Really missed listening to music with it. Thus begins my search for a new one… …

My expectations of a earpiece are not that high. As long as it enable me to enjoy great music while traveling to and from work. Best if it comes with a volume control, which allows me to adjust the volume, control music, including play/pause and next/previous.

Thanks to my sister for giving me some vouchers and my brother for accompanying me to Prologue to select my ideal earpiece. I got this babe at S$23, after utilising my vouchers. There were many brand of earpiece available for sale. Took me a while before I finally decided to get Sony, which is one of my favourite brand. I remembered my first cassette player was Sony, along with my first cd player, my first mp3 player. Then a certain period of time when md player were in high demand,I had one too and am still keeping it. Who else can it be but Sony of course.


I am so loving my new earpiece. Not forgetting the extra silicone earplug and the wrap that comes together with the earpiece. Am really going to take good care of this new babe of mine.


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