F&N Seasons 100Plus

Published March 15, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Since late January, I’ve been diligently playing the coin dropping game by F&N Season and 100 Plus on facebook. For F&N Seasons, I’m aiming for the portable charger and for 100Plus, I’m aiming for the laptop sleeve. And as always, Lady Luck loves to make fun of me. Despite trying for more than three weeks with more than a hundred coins and also playing with family members facebook account, the portable charger just isn’t fated to be mine. There was even a certain week when all my coins went down the drain with absolutely no winnings at all. Not to mentioned, the prizes were also fully redeemed for almost a week before F&N Seasons and 100Plus kindly topped up more.


Redemption emails were sent out by 26th Feb to all lucky winners who won the higher tier prizes, while lower tier ones like the F&N Prosperity pack and 100Plus Everyday pack will be sent out via normal postage. Was so happy to see my mailbox being floaded by those lovely goodies from 01st March onwards. Pictures shows the very first batch of prizes that was being post to me. I received a total of 4 F&N Seasons Prosperity pack and 6 100Plus Everyday pack in my mail. Am so loving them.


And these are the lovely items that I had won for myself. Each prosperity pack comes with a memo pad, two keychains, 4 magnets and a plastic cute can containing mini wet tissues inside. Each everyday pack consist of a packet of Gatsby body wipe and a screen wiper. Everything looks so sweet and handy.

As for the higher tier prizes, I only managed to win a yourself pack and a thumbdrive. Hahaz! See! I told you Lady Luck loves to go against me. Despite so, I felt very blessed. I had three lovely sister who message me on both facebook and whatsapp and wanting to give me the extra prizes that they had won from the game.  I was really at a lost for words. That is so kind and sweet of them. They are all my god sent angels.

BTW: I’m still on the lookout for the portable charger. Am looking for those who had won extra to sell me one of their sets at reasonable prices. But at the look at things, I think it would be better that I got one from Qoo10 instead.

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