Texas Chicken @ Vivo City

Published January 22, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Won myself a Texas Chicken combo meal by participating in a facebook contest under an online friend’s account and happily dropped by their new outlet at Vivo city. However, it proves to be a very disappointing meal for me.

I happily presented my redemption card and ordered an extra set to be shared with my siblings. Just as my friend had forwarned me, the cashier simply took a quick glance at the redemption card and present me with a piece of chicken part instead of a combo meal.  She insisted that the item she had given me was accurate until I got her to take out the card and read it carefully again. Not to mentioned, I had to wait for another 5 minutes for the missing items. But the most disappointing part came when I reached home and was about to enjoyed my meal.

At one glance, it may look similar to another fast food brand (which is my favourite), but sadly it just wasn’t even anywhere near their standard. Not sure if its because they had given me a bad first impression but seriously, I started to regret my decision even before I start to attack the foods.

As seen in the pictures, the chicken parts were awfully small, think even smaller than KFC. If I were to compare the size to that of my favourite brand, its in peer with their tenders only. That’s just how small it is.  The skin was kinda dry and had a distinctive flour taste, though surprisingly, the meat was tender on the inside.  But that is simply not enough to make me love it.


The mashed potato was equally disheartening. Upon opening the tub, I was shocked to find the low level in content. Even with the sauce, it was not even half-filled. For God’s sake, I never felt more cheated than this. Can’t imagine if I had really forked out so many money for such small portion of food. And the taste… Even those from 7-eleven taste better than this… …


I can’t seemed to taste any slightest bit of sweetness in their so called Honey butter biscuit at all. The butter taste on the otherhand was kinda overwhelming. And the overall taste is like a mouthful of uncooked flour with lots of butter. For God’s sake, even tau sar piah win it hands down in size.


Speaking of Mcdonalds being stingy in giving away chilli sachets for takeaways, Texas only gave me 2 packets for my two sets of combo meal. And when I asked for more, gave me only another two sachets. I’m speechless… This shall be the one and last time that I will ever visit that fast food restaurant again.

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