Nacho Chips And Cheese

Published January 6, 2013 by ireneyksoh


I was a huge fan of nacho chips and cheese, especially those selling at cinemas. But the prices are not really that wallet friendly. Managed to find some good ones selling in Qoo10 but sadly, majority of them sell in bulks. Then a buddy introduced me to UnTuk MU on facebook. She had bought from her before and was so full of praise for both the food and their level of service.

After thinking for a while, I’ve decided to give in to temptation and order two sets of nacho and cheese. Each set cost me only a mere S$15, consist of a packet of nachos weighing 950gram and a tub of cheese weighing 500grams. You can choose to self-collect from them at Jurong West St 64 or request for delivery at $5 per trip. Which is what I did and they kindly send my treats right to my doorstep and at my convenient time too. How more sweet can they be? I finally understand why my buddy loved them so much.


The packet of chips feels very heavy and not really like those that I bought from our regular mart where its filled with half chips and half air. I used the largest container that I had in my house, the container left behind from my CNY love letters snacks bought from Giant. And to my surprise, even that didn’t managed to hold the whole packet of chips. I only managed to pour in about 2/3 of the packet.


And look at the cheese! OMG! Just look how it stays on my utencil after I scoop up a spoonful of it and even turning it to the sides. Yet another amazing discovery. Was half expecting to receive those watery type due to its low selling price. Hooray! Thumbs up to UnTuk MU! Am so going to order more for the coming CNY.

Besides this, they also sell other goodies and treat at super incredible prices, like a tub of Tiramisu cake, Kek lapis, Keke chocolates, and many more. Just saw from their facebook update that they had a new product name:  Light Cheese Cake Strawberry Love Letter & Cheese Cake Stereo and is available for collection in JB and Singapore. And the price… … RM 16…Oh boy! Am I seeing things? Whaaaaaa…. My favourite cheese… … Gonna pm them again for yet another order…

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