Guardian Health & Beauty – ‘Jiggle That Christmas’

Published January 5, 2013 by ireneyksoh

Thanks to a friend who recommended me to this facebook game. Oh Boy! It was such fun playing the game. Not forgetting the many wonderful prizes that are available for redemption. Got my family members to join in the fun too.


These are the lovely goodies I had won for myself after spamming my friends FB account with tonnes of invites daily so as to enable me to gain a chance to spin that Santa bag loaded with mystery prizes. Many times I tried and failed as there were only a total of five daily winners. But thanks a a good friend who encouraged me, I managed to gather up enough courage for another day of spinning.

Was actually hoping to win the foot spa gift pack for daddy for his overworked and tired legs but sadly, I was not that lucky enough to win that. Guess I would have to get it for him through my own pockets.


Daddy won something himself too. He won a Colgate gift pack. With this, it will be quite some time before I need to get new toiletries. Despite only winning one time, I think his winning is of a higher level than mine. Maybe that’s what people said about beginners luck. Or maybe he is just as lucky as mummy dearest used to be. I seemed to be the low luck type.

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