My Favourite Pencil…

Published August 29, 2012 by ireneyksoh

After a sumptuous meal with my family members today, I dropped by my favourite Cash Converter store to hunt for more deals again. And this time, I’ve decided to checkout the brand stuffs corner and am now so happy that I did that. Among the various types of branded pens in the glass display, I spotted a few packets of pencils that looks very similar to something that I had been searching for and for years… At first glance, I’m not very confident if there are indeed what I wanted. But as I check out the brand and its model name, everything seems to come back to me. That is the one… …

It is my favourite pencil during my secondary school days since the day I got it from the good old EPB Bookstore.  My original one was dark orange in color. Was so sad when I lost it during housekeeping and since then been trying to find another one. I’ve been on the lookout for it for many years already and have also check out many stationery store, but because its a very old model, not much people really know about its existance. And also due to the fact that I cannot really remember its brand and model name, my hunt for it was even more difficult. What I clearly remember is it had a detachable body that can keep a high quantity of pencil leads inside.

Today is such a happy day. Its like a wish come true. Am so glad that I did not give up searching for it despite so many years had passed. Any friends here know about this pencil too? Its one of the most popular mechanical pencil, along side with the erasable kilometrico pen during my secondary school period. Speaking of, that also reminds me of another of my favourite brand- Red Leaf. Been using this brand before I moved on to Pilot pens. OMG! I kinda missed those days~~~

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