Dear SY Tan… …

Published August 29, 2012 by ireneyksoh

This post is specially dedicated to SY Tan. Had sent her some goodies more than two weeks ago via normal postage. But sadly, she did not received anything. So I went ahead and bought a Smartpac boxes to pack a surprise box for her. The box allows me to pack as many things as I want to share with her but at just a mere cost. Sounds pretty excited, isn’t it?

I managed to find back the same set of goodies that I had sent her previously and also added in some sample sachets. But sadly, the box looks very emptied. This is the first time since I started using Smartpac that I think the box is big. I searched around and found more things that I wanted to share with her and also some of my favourite products that I think she might wish to try out too.

But after some ‘hard’ work, the box still looks kinda empty. At this time, my mind seems to have lose its sense and I started dumping anything I can find into the box. And by the time I regain control of my mind, everything is nicely packed and the box is all nicely wrapped up. Seriously, I can barely remember what I had placed inside. o_O” Hahahaz~~~

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