Please Help Me!

Published August 16, 2012 by ireneyksoh

I’m trying very hard to win this babe for myself. But sadly, my likes is falling back by the minutes. Could my friends here please kindly help like my comment HERE? Please like the comment under the name ” IRENE SOH“.

For every 10 likes, I will be giving away a lovely gift. Just need to leave me your FB Name which you used to like my comment, your name and email.

Please help me as much as you can.

4 comments on “Please Help Me!

  • Thanks dear! But due to some unforeseen circumstances, I’ve lost, despite me having very high likes. Am so sad til I’m completely speechless now.

    Anyway, please kindly email me your name and mailing address, I send you some goodies for the help rendered. Thank you once again for the help

  • You didn’t lost, It’s On Cheong. They decided to disqualify you cos they said you re-edit your entry from 32 words to 30 words. So to be fair to other contestants, they decided to disqualify you. Rather lame-ass reason given, considering that they didn’t stated that nobody should re-edit their answers.

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