CLEO Heroine Make Hamper

Published August 16, 2012 by ireneyksoh

I was one of the lucky 200 people to have emailed CLEO magazine and won myself a CLEO Heroine Makup Hamper worth S$300. I was initially very happy after collecting my prize from their office at Kaki Bukit. However, a quick calculation on the total value of the items in my package kinda leave me dumbfound. No matter how many times I calculated it, I’m sadly unable to reach the amount as was mentioned.

Despite the discouragement from some of my friends, I’ve decided to stay firm and private message Heroine Make Singapore about my concern. It took them a week and another reminder message before they finally replied me. Turns out that their logistic partner had overlooked and missed out packing some items into the package.

And it took them yet another 2 to 3 weeks before I finally received an email from them , apologizing about the error and to dropby their office again to collect the missing items. I requested for courier service instead, and at my own expenses too. I just don’t feel like going down there again. Distance is one of the main reason ( I lived at TELOK BLANGAH), but most important, my current working hours prohibits me from doing so.

I emailed and requested for the items to be courier to me on 15th Aug 2012, to which they had indicate correctly on the delivery invoice. I specially choose that day as I will be at home to received my parcel when the delivery men arrived. But sadly, the package was sent to me on 08th Aug 2012 instead. Am so shocked when my brother called me up about the parcel. It so happened that he was about to leave the house when the delivery men appeared. I am so very angry. Can you imagined what would had happened if my brother went out early that day?

And these are the missing items. Never expect it to be of such high quantity. And one of the items that they had advertised as the hamper content on CLEO Magazine was nowhere to be found at all. OKIE! So they reserved the rights to change the items in the hamper without notice. That sucks… … And to the max as well… …

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