Deluxe Snack Fuku Bag

Published August 12, 2012 by ireneyksoh

After winning my first deluxe snack bag from Fuku Bag, I can’t seems to get enough of these lovely goodies from Yamakawa Supermarket Singapore. Was so happy when I chanced upon Fuku Bag selling the much loved snack bag. Each deluxe snack fuku bag cost S$8, contains a minimum of 4 random japanese snacks worth a total of S$20 retail price. I wasted no time in placing my order for 4 bags.

Not forgetting, the free doorstep delivery service from Fuku Bag crew for purchase of minimum 2 bags. Isn’t that so sweet of Fuku Bag? How not to love them for it? For me, I’m simply head over heels on them… …

And these are the lovely snacks in all my 4 deluxe snack bags. OMG! I’m so loving all of them, including my siblings too.  My favourite would be the matcha cookie and Marie cookie.  Am so going to grab more of them during my next visit to their store.

A million thanks to Fuku Bag and  also to Yamakawa Supermarket Singapore for organising such wonderful deals and for giving me a chance to sample such delicious japanese snacks.


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