My Six Days With Brands Essence Of Chicken With Tangkwei

Published July 13, 2012 by ireneyksoh

So I did a minor calculation and started drinking Brands essence of chicken with tangkwei, a week prior to  my next menstrual cycle. My habit is to have it slightly warmed by placing the glass bottle in a bowl of warm water minutes before drinking. I loved to watch as my mum prepares a bottle of chicken essence for me to drink every night before I hit pillow. This might perhaps be the most traditional way of drinking my essence of chicken. But it brings back great memories.


Weight : 70g
Price : S$3.50 per bottle
Taste : 7/10
Effect : 9/10

I was half-expecting it to taste strongly of chinese medicine since tangkwei was one of the main ingredients. But fortunately its not. I can taste the presence of the herbal medicine and it was not too overwhelming.

I still get stomach cramp once a while during that week of the month. But I do notice that the frequency of those cramps have slightly reduced as compared to before I started taking Brands. But there are also times when the cramp got so intense that I had to rely back on my faithful chocolate to ease my pain.


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