Ireneyksoh Birthday Giveaway A

Published June 29, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Friends who had been with me for long would definitely know that my birthday is coming up soon. In less than two weeks time, I will be older by one year. Despite so, I had already start to receive birthday wishes and blessing both via various medias from friends. Am so touched by their kind thoughts.

And in celebration of my coming birthday, I’ve decided to come out with a few surprise giveaways on my blog to share my joys with friends here. While I’m looking forward and eager as to what presents I will receive this year, I also want to spread happiness around by giving some fabulous things to friends here too. I shall now begin the first one… …

The first set of gift that I will be giving away to two lucky friends will be a makeup pouch consisting of eight makeup brushes. Rules are kept simple as always.  All you have to do is be the first two to leave me a comment here stating: “I would love to have the makeup brushes!“.

Do take note that there will be four more surprise giveaway coming up soon. And since its gonna be a surprise giveaway, it will happen at any time. Do take note that friends are only allowed to win once in the surprise giveaways. This is my way of making sure more friends get to share my joy, rather than just one person winning most of the items.

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