I Love Freebies

Published May 26, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Was so overfilled with joy when I opened my mailbox today. Found four parcels addressed to me, all loaded with freebies that I had won or redeemed via Facebook quite some time ago. What a wonderful day!

The first goodie is from Confirm Trading.Won it through their facebook page. Am so happy to be among the 20 fans to get to try their latest product for free. Had been wanting to get it since the product was launched but sadly, the price is not that wallet friendly for me. I know the product is definitely worth its cost but cheapo me will only buy things during offer period.

Next goodie is from Nivea. I redeemed this lovely babe via their facebook page. Really love the portable travel size bottle. So convenient to be placed into handbags and bring along to work. It does such a great job in controling my sweat gland, thus preventing me from smelling bad especially after going out for lunch.

My third goodie is from Curel, redeemed from their facebook page. There were three options available and I choose hair. Was sent a  set of shampoo and conditioner sachets. I heard from friends that this brand is very popular in Japan. Am so eager to try them out oon. If only I can take all three types of samples available. Greedy me!

Last parcel is the Sunplay sunblock that was sent to me for reviewing purpose. I love trying out new things. This comes really in time, especially when my current supply of sunblocks is about to finish.

What goodies have you received recently? Care to share with me?

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