More Goodies From Gmarket

Published April 24, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Hooray to the arrival of yet another item that I had order from Gmarket. Was so happy to receive it from the postman today. Its been a long wait as order for the items was placed almost a month ago. This is perhaps the longest time that I had waited for . Not sure if its the seller or its SingPost again.

Upon opening the parcel, I am faced with yet another disappointment. Why? No bubble wraps. I really hate it when sellers don’t go the extra mile by wrapping up the items with bubble wraps before packing things into parcels. And it really bothers me a lot. No doubt that I paid very little for them. How am I supposed to trust that my items are going to reach me if good condition when this is how seller sent things to me?

I got a few necklace of the same design. Not really going to wear them myself. But rather thinking of re-designing them into jewelry set for my sister’s ‘daughter’, Miyuki. Wonder how it would look like on her. Just in case you want to know. My sister’s ‘daughter’ is not a human being, which is why I added apostrophe mark for that word.

Say Hi to everyone, Miyuki. She is my sister’s little darling. Such a lovely babe, isn’t she? Miyuki is offering you a drink. Do get it from her. I’ll be sourcing for more goodies for my sister to add to Miyuki’s jewelry collection. Am kinda happy to see her getting more pretty by the days.


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