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Published April 17, 2012 by ireneyksoh

I’ve been trying to stay away from Gmarket since beginning of April. Not only because its too full of temptations, the fact that I’m jobless now requires me to be more tactful as to how I spend my money. But July who had recently bought some korean cosmetics on Gmarket, was full of praise for a certain seller and highly recommend me to go take a look too. The seller must have been very good. So I waste no time in checking out online.

Guess I’m still too slow. Most of the items are sold out. But luckily, I still managed to checkout some facial mask and bb cream at super incredible prices.

I placed my order for few items on 08th Apr, only to receive it today. Seller did mentioned that he needs a week to pack them. But I totally don’t understand why packing would require such a long time. Just when I’m almost out of my patience, the parcel finally arrived at my door step today.

Upon opening the box, my eyes immediately went  “o_O”. The box was filled with lots of goodies. That kinda surprised and left me dumbfound for a while. I don’t remember checking out so many items. July did told me in advance that seller gives her lots of sample for her purchase. But I never really take it to heart. Afterall,  I only checkout two items which is considered  little as compare to her.

The first item I added to my shopping cart is a set of six mini tube of Minigirls Triple Magic BB Cream SPF37/PA++. Been wanting to try out this brand of bb cream for quite some time. But the price tends to keep me off without fail. Now this set of lovely babes only cost me S$2.40. Each tube works outs to be only S$0.40 each. Super cheap, isn’t it?

The last item that I added into my shopping cart is 4 sets of Oriental Nokyong Facial Mask. Each set contains 2 piece of mask. So that is a total of eight masks for me. Wanna know the price? The masks cost me a total of S$4.  Each mask  works out to  be S$0.50. Isn’t that such a cheap deal?

Was suppose to receive 8 packets of the mask in green packet. But the seller don’t have enough stock and replace me with another mask of the same value. I’m okie with the arrangement. Wanted to try out this mask too but it was not available when I checkout. Hooray! So happy that I can get to try it now.

And behold, these are all the free samples given by the seller. That is such a awesome lot, isn’t it? Never expect to be given so many freebies for buying so little things. Not forgetting, I also paid such a cheap price for all the items. Think I finally understand what July meant when she said the seller is SUPER generous with free gifts.

As much as I’m happy to be given so many gifts, I don’t think I can ever managed to finish them all up myself. Any friends here spotted any samples that you wanna try? Just drop me a comment here. I will not hesitate to share some with you. All I need you to do is to send me a self-addressed envelope with postage stamp affixed.

And wait, there’s more… …

I’ll be giving away a tube of the Minigirls Triple Magic BB Cream SPF37/PA++ to the first two lucky friends who drop me a comment here stating: ” I want to try Minigirls Triple Magic BB Cream SPF37/PA++ (Green or Pink)“. Do remember to indicate which color tube you would like to get, the green or the pink tube. The content for both color tube is the same. Only difference is the design.

Do hurry if you wanna get one to try!



20 comments on “Latest Gmarket Goodies

  • Thanks Irene…will email you shortly. Im fine, if you have samples for hydration, like mask or gel, you can provide it to me. My face are always dehydrated.


  • Same. But I think gmarket is really addictive – I always end up buying more things than I actually need.

    Sure:) Will email you later.

    Hmm..Maybe bb cream samples?:)))

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