My Order From PrettyCloset

Published April 2, 2012 by ireneyksoh

I happily placed an order for some iphone accessories via Pretty Closet website on 2nd week of March. But sadly due to some hiccups on Singpost side, I only managed to received my parcel almost end March. At first, it had not occurred to me that Singpost is the mail culprit for my long wait. Instead, I went ahead and emailed Pretty Closet about it, blaming the wrong person. I sincerely owes them an apology. I should have find out more details before I start to blast out my anger at anyone.

My mum used to reprimand me about my bad temper when she is still around and I tend to be more in control. But now that she is gone. Think I’m getting more worst than ever. Anyway, back to my parcel… …

While I was happy to finally received my parcel, another thing happened that pissed me off totally. The Singpost lady who delivered my parcel kept knocking my door non-stop, despite me telling her to wait while I grabbed my door key. And with such strength and determination that I was kinda worried it was only a matter of time before my wooden door would eventually collapsed under her brutal treatment. Even my neighbour also come out from their house to see what is going on. So damn embarrassing!

I bought an iphone wallet, screen protector (both front and back), home button sticker and an extra cable. And that’s when I started to cry. The other phone accessories package also comes with an extra iphone cable. So now I’m stuck with so many cables but just one iphone. I felt so stupid. But nevertheless, I can keep in aside as a spare one. God know how long it takes for careless me to lost my cable somewhere out there.


2 comments on “My Order From PrettyCloset

  • Hi Irene, fret not! You can leave one cable at work and one cable at home.. This way, you can charge your iphone at both places without having to bring your cable along with you!!

  • Yup! was thinking abt doing so too. and not forgetting i still got one original cable with my phone purchase. so that makes 3 cables in total

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