My Last Book Purchase @ PageOne Bookshop

Published March 14, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Managed to find time  to grab some books for myself during the PageOne Bookshop clearance sales before it is closed for good. The store is crowded with lots of customers,  those who wished to take one last good look at the store and those who were for to grab some cheap deals. And for me its both.

When PageOne officially announced their closure via public media, it took me quite some time to digest the news and to overcome my shock. I was like: WHAT? Are you serious? Another good bookshop down, which in turn means one less place for me to source for books. What more devastating news can be compare to this? Especially for super bookworm like myself.

To me, PageOne is not just a bookshop. It houses many of my wonderful memories. I was there when it first begin. Would simply pop in during my every visit to Vivo City, looking around for new book titles.  Or perhaps grab myself a few book  related accessories and show off to my friends the very next day. Not forgetting, lazing on the bench at the side window and enjoying the sceneries outside. And many more… … But all these had become a thing of the past now. So sad.

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