My Order From J.a.S in Bags

Published March 11, 2012 by ireneyksoh

I’ve placed an order for two rose eco bags quite some time ago from J.a.S Bags. Lyann, the sweet lady behind the screen was very diligent in updating me the progress of my order.  She also taken the trouble to  email me to double confirm my mailing address before sending out my parcel, that I find very responsible of her. Along the way, there were some hiccups on her  supplier side on the design of the eco bag, which she had email me and give me the option to change for other items shall I dislike the new design. But overall, it was a smooth sailing transaction.  And within few working days time, my parcel arrived all neatly packed in my mailbox.

Out of the parcel, my order is being safely packed with bubble wraps. I really love it when sellers makes  an  extra effort to wrap up my orders with bubble wraps. Because that way, I can be sure that my orders will always reached me in excellent condition. I admit I’m a very fussy buyer. The package contains my two rose eco bags and the self chosen free gifts. Yes! Lyann allow me to choose the free gifts I want from a list of selections. How more wonderful can things be?

But wait! What are these two tupperware thingy that I see in the package? I don’t remember ordering any tupperware. Curiousity kinda gets the better of me as I ripped opened the package with such eagerness.

OIC! The tupperware served as an extra protection for the eco bag, so that it won’t go out of shape when it reached me. Or so, I think. Nevertheless, it is really so heartwarming. Not forgetting, I can re-use the containers to put small accessories or even snacks after taking out the eco bag.

And here are pictures of the rose eco bag taken by me, both folded and unfolded. Awwwwww…. I’m overloaded with sweetness… Doesn’t it looks so lovely to you? I loved them a lot. Now thinking which one to keep and to give away. Or perhaps keep both and buy more instead? Why am I facing such dilemma every now and then?


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