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Eternity Inter-trade (S) Pte Ltd Spring Sales

Published February 14, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Say hooray! to yet another round of sales from Eternity Inter-trade. I really loved their sales. Not only are the price being slashed till an almost unbelievable prices, the expiry date for the products is more than a year away as compare to some sales that I had visited. Some of my favourite brand from them are Ichikami, Naive, AquaMoist and Kracie.

Foodaholic 3D Shape Natural Pulp Mask Sheet

Published February 13, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Been wanting to try my hands on this mask long time ago. But being a super stingy person as I am, the price is not wallet friendly to me. So when I come across a Gmarket promotion where they are going at S$0.19 per sheet, I know its time for me to get them.

Took about a week for it to be delivered from Korea to Singapore. And was so happy to see it in my mailbox today. Am so gonna give my skin a pampering treat tonight.

The Foodaholic 3D natural Pulp mask sheet, as it name suggest, is a three dimensional facial mask that is specially designed to fit the face contour, especially the nose bridge area. That is not all, the mask sheet is made with all nan’t that brilliant of them to invent such lovely mask? Can’t wait to try them out soon.

McDonald Run Out Of Curry Sauce… AGAIN!

Published February 12, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Bad news for all McDonald curry sauce lover! It went out of stock AGAIN… … This is so sad! The curry sauce went M.I.A for the first time in Nov 14 2011, and causes a massive online outrage. Now barely 3 months had passed, McDonald pulls out the condiment from the menu again. This time, due to compromised packaging.

But wait! McDonald just announced a piece of good news via their facebook page. A free treat will be given to customers from Feb 10-24, 2012 to make up for the temporary cut in supply.

From 10 – 24 February 2012, any purchase of Chicken McNuggets at our restaurants will entitle you to a FREE treat with our compliments:
– 4pc: 1 Soft Serve Cone
– 6pc and 9 pc : 1 Apple Pie
… – 20 pc: 2 Apple Pies

Royce Nama Chocolate Matcha

Published February 8, 2012 by ireneyksoh

A box of my favourite Royce Nama Chocolate Matcha from my darling younger sister to perk me up from my super low mood. OMG! Matcha! That is my favourite flavour. Total love! So sweet and nice of her.

Awesome! I’m kinda bursting with happiness now. This is so amazing. Think I finally understand why my gal friends love to eat lots of chocolates when they were feeling low. I’m so going to eat it slowly. Perhaps a block a day? Or maybe half a block per day? Happiness!

My 2nd Grab Bag From Vivi Istore

Published February 8, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Remember the Grab bag that I’ve bought from Vivi Istore last year? The content was simply fantastic. So much so that I could not withstand the temptation and gotten myself a second grab bag. My grab bag arrived within a week after I had place my order, thanks to the fast and efficient service from Vivi Istore.

Say hi! to the lovely babes from my second grab bag. They are so awesome. Upon emptying my grab bag, the first thing that got my attention was the Kuromi pouch. Hooray! Total love! Kuromi happens to be my favourite Sanrio character. Kuromi chan!!!!!!

Next was the super cute pink bear, which actually houses an eco bag hidden at its back spine. Shopping will never be boring again with such a lovely companion around.

Not forgetting the Little Twin Star pen pouch. It comes just in time to replace my good old pen pouch that had burst due to me over using it. Guess I have to be more gentle with this new one.

The other cosmetic items were also very fantastic. I loved every single one of them. Am so going to share them with my friends.

I’m Tired !

Published February 5, 2012 by ireneyksoh

My apologies for having MIA for such a long period of time. Since beginning of the year, many things happened around me, both personal and at work. I have to say, the new year does not begins peacefully as I hope it to be.

Firstly, the company that I’m currently serving now had decided to cease operation on 19th Feb 2012, which in turn means that I’ll be jobless by then. If the company were to continue their operation, I would have celebrate my 10th year anniversary with them on 20th May 2012. But sadly, all things must come to an end. As the day draws nearer, I even more  treasured the days of being able to work with all my fellow colleagues and friends.

Secondly, my mobile phone is starting to give me more problems now. In addition to its data error, it had decided to do something even more drastic. I can’t seems to receive sms at times. Or perhaps even received multiple copies of the same sms at a go, despite the sender only sending out one. Or perhaps, I can’t seems to see what is being display on the phone screen well now. Or even times when I scroll through my picture album, only to see rows and rows of blank squares with a cross in the middle.

Lastly, my mum’s first year anniversary is coming up in about 2 months time. I was suppose to burn a ‘house’ for her to live well in the underworld, and also employ some monks to chant some scriptures, so as to erase her debts in this life and prepare her for a better life when she go for reincarnation. But where is the fund going to come out from? Me, of course! The person who suggested this must be out to make my life miserable. But then again, my heart tells me. If its really for the benefit of my dearest mum, I don’t really mind the money spent.

Conclusion? I’m tired. Super tired. Extremely tired.