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Another Order From Gmarket Arrived!

Published February 17, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Hooray to the arrival of yet another of my Gmarket order today. Am so happy to receive parcels and letter. Especially when they comes loaded with goodies for me.

My latest purchase: Magic scarf.

I first got to know about it when I was shopping for some plush toy for a friend’s birthday at Action City. They had a prominent display for the scarf and a promoter was there to show customers the different ways of wearing it. And the price? S$39.90 I was like WOW!

Then Giant Hypermart also come out with yet another version of the same product. But this time is cheaper. Is really cheap. But stingy me still refuse to pay such an amount for it.

So when I come across this one on sale. I just had to grab them before the price went back to normal again. Bought one for my younger sister and another for myself. I choose light pink and black. But not sure why the pink color turns out to be so different. Seems to be more like purple than pink.

Til then, I’ll be off to play with my new toy now. Au revoir…

My Completed Recesky Camera

Published February 15, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Remember the Recesky camera that I bought before CNY? Well, I finally found some free times to assemble up this little babe during my off day. Oh boy! It sure was tough work! It was mentioned on the box that assembly time would be about an hour. But stupid me took almost three hours to complete mine. Really tough work to me. But the moment it is completed, everything seems to be so worthwhile. Shall put in the film and go outdoor for some shooting fun during my next off day. Wonder how my pictures would turn out to be… …


TSS Beauty Box II

Published February 15, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Slightly over a week ago, The Sample Store come out with a new mystery goodie box- TSS Beauty Box II, to pamper their fans with. By the time I got to know about it, the box had been fully sold. The Sample Store heard the cries of those fans (including me) who did not manage to grab one, and kindly made an effort to get more boxes. However, one of the key item in the box, the set of 5 basic small brushes, had been fully redeemed. And that it will be replace will other random items. Despite that, I waste no time in grabbing and checking out a set for myself.

And viola, my beauty box arriving at my home within 2 working days from the day I placed my order. Oh boy! Sure am I excited! I didn’t even bother to use a penknife to slit open the bubble wrapping, I simply tore it apart. So glad that I did not caused damage to any items in the packaged ue to my over excitement.

Here are the list of items inside my beauty box:

Bio-essence Aqua BB Cream Travel Size 5G X 1 TUBE
Bio-essence Bio Platinum BB Cream X 5 PKTS
Bio-essence Bird’s Nest Nutri-collagen & Whitening Advancer X 5 PKTS
Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice Inchloss Travel Kit X 4 SETS
Bio-essence Hydra Spa Energy Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask X 5 PKTS
Bio-essence Hydra Spa Energy Deep Moisturising Cleansing Foam 10G X 1 TUBE
Bio-essence Hydra Spa Energy Refreshing Toning Lition 10ml X 1 TUBE
Bio-essence Tanaka White Sample Set X 3 SETS
Fennel Pad Sample Pack X 2 PKTS
GK Surface Disinfectants Sample Set X 1 SET
Loreal Elseve Smooth Intense Nutri-smoothing Mask X 5 PKTS
Mentholatum Lipice Strawberry Lip Moisturiser Retail Size X 1 PC
Sunsilk Shampoo & Conditioner Travel Size Sample Set X 2 SETS
Thenaturelab Slim V Hydrogel Mask Retail Size X 2 PKTS
Youc1000 Vitmin C Drink- Orange 140ml X 1 BOTTLE
Small Eco Bag X 1 PC


Not forgetting the four extra samples that I check out for free along with my beauty box. Don’t they look so attractive to you? I am now such a happy gal.

Eternity Inter-trade (S) Pte Ltd Spring Sales

Published February 14, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Say hooray! to yet another round of sales from Eternity Inter-trade. I really loved their sales. Not only are the price being slashed till an almost unbelievable prices, the expiry date for the products is more than a year away as compare to some sales that I had visited. Some of my favourite brand from them are Ichikami, Naive, AquaMoist and Kracie.

Foodaholic 3D Shape Natural Pulp Mask Sheet

Published February 13, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Been wanting to try my hands on this mask long time ago. But being a super stingy person as I am, the price is not wallet friendly to me. So when I come across a Gmarket promotion where they are going at S$0.19 per sheet, I know its time for me to get them.

Took about a week for it to be delivered from Korea to Singapore. And was so happy to see it in my mailbox today. Am so gonna give my skin a pampering treat tonight.

The Foodaholic 3D natural Pulp mask sheet, as it name suggest, is a three dimensional facial mask that is specially designed to fit the face contour, especially the nose bridge area. That is not all, the mask sheet is made with all nan’t that brilliant of them to invent such lovely mask? Can’t wait to try them out soon.

McDonald Run Out Of Curry Sauce… AGAIN!

Published February 12, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Bad news for all McDonald curry sauce lover! It went out of stock AGAIN… … This is so sad! The curry sauce went M.I.A for the first time in Nov 14 2011, and causes a massive online outrage. Now barely 3 months had passed, McDonald pulls out the condiment from the menu again. This time, due to compromised packaging.

But wait! McDonald just announced a piece of good news via their facebook page. A free treat will be given to customers from Feb 10-24, 2012 to make up for the temporary cut in supply.

From 10 – 24 February 2012, any purchase of Chicken McNuggets at our restaurants will entitle you to a FREE treat with our compliments:
– 4pc: 1 Soft Serve Cone
– 6pc and 9 pc : 1 Apple Pie
… – 20 pc: 2 Apple Pies

Royce Nama Chocolate Matcha

Published February 8, 2012 by ireneyksoh

A box of my favourite Royce Nama Chocolate Matcha from my darling younger sister to perk me up from my super low mood. OMG! Matcha! That is my favourite flavour. Total love! So sweet and nice of her.

Awesome! I’m kinda bursting with happiness now. This is so amazing. Think I finally understand why my gal friends love to eat lots of chocolates when they were feeling low. I’m so going to eat it slowly. Perhaps a block a day? Or maybe half a block per day? Happiness!