My New Wallet!

Published February 26, 2012 by ireneyksoh

My wallet that was purchased more than 5 years ago is starting to show signs of wear and tear. I seriously need to get myself a new wallet to replace. However, my stingy nature remains a hinder to my search for a new one. But after a few failed attempts to win myself a wallet via facebook contest, I finally give up all hopes and bought one for myself instead.

And all thanks to a lovely gal friend whom I had get to known during my course of work, I was able to get my hand on not  just one, but rather 2 wallets at a super attractive prices.

OMG! Doesn’t the wallet look nice to you? I’ve changed into my new wallet the moment I got it. But sadly, Dad don’t like his. He said this wallet is for girls, and is too ‘sweet’ for him to use. What kind of theory is that? I don’t understand. But it just mean one thing. Now I’m stuck with an extra wallet. Damn! What should I do? Anyone wanna buy from me?


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