TSS Beauty Box II

Published February 15, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Slightly over a week ago, The Sample Store come out with a new mystery goodie box- TSS Beauty Box II, to pamper their fans with. By the time I got to know about it, the box had been fully sold. The Sample Store heard the cries of those fans (including me) who did not manage to grab one, and kindly made an effort to get more boxes. However, one of the key item in the box, the set of 5 basic small brushes, had been fully redeemed. And that it will be replace will other random items. Despite that, I waste no time in grabbing and checking out a set for myself.

And viola, my beauty box arriving at my home within 2 working days from the day I placed my order. Oh boy! Sure am I excited! I didn’t even bother to use a penknife to slit open the bubble wrapping, I simply tore it apart. So glad that I did not caused damage to any items in the packaged ue to my over excitement.

Here are the list of items inside my beauty box:

Bio-essence Aqua BB Cream Travel Size 5G X 1 TUBE
Bio-essence Bio Platinum BB Cream X 5 PKTS
Bio-essence Bird’s Nest Nutri-collagen & Whitening Advancer X 5 PKTS
Bio-essence Celebrity’s Choice Inchloss Travel Kit X 4 SETS
Bio-essence Hydra Spa Energy Complete Nourishing Sleeping Mask X 5 PKTS
Bio-essence Hydra Spa Energy Deep Moisturising Cleansing Foam 10G X 1 TUBE
Bio-essence Hydra Spa Energy Refreshing Toning Lition 10ml X 1 TUBE
Bio-essence Tanaka White Sample Set X 3 SETS
Fennel Pad Sample Pack X 2 PKTS
GK Surface Disinfectants Sample Set X 1 SET
Loreal Elseve Smooth Intense Nutri-smoothing Mask X 5 PKTS
Mentholatum Lipice Strawberry Lip Moisturiser Retail Size X 1 PC
Sunsilk Shampoo & Conditioner Travel Size Sample Set X 2 SETS
Thenaturelab Slim V Hydrogel Mask Retail Size X 2 PKTS
Youc1000 Vitmin C Drink- Orange 140ml X 1 BOTTLE
Small Eco Bag X 1 PC


Not forgetting the four extra samples that I check out for free along with my beauty box. Don’t they look so attractive to you? I am now such a happy gal.


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