Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Published January 5, 2012 by ireneyksoh

I participated in the Secret Santa Gift Exchange organised at my workplace a week ago. It was very sweet of my company to organised such a lovely event. Not to mentioned, delicious foods were also provided. I would have truly enjoyed myself if not for a SUPER inconsiderate and selfish person who totally spoilt my day. Even til now, that person had not show any sign of remorse nor apologise to me.

My present from my secret santa. I’m so loving it. Am kinda scared that I might received something that does not suit me. Or maybe something that I already had. But guess I worry too much. My secret santa really know my likings. Am so looking forward to completing the patchwork when I got some free time.

Besides my secret santa, my company also joined in the fun by giving everyone a secret gift via lucky draw. After dipping my hands into the pot, I pull out a piece of paper, with number 5 printed on it. Thought the content to bee of  tote bag since the gift bag feels kinda fluffy to me. But after opening the package and tearing through layers of newspaper, I was so overwhelmed with joy with my prize. Its a camera. Hooray! I’ve been eyeing it for long but did not buy cos I bear not part with the money. Yup! I know! I admit it myself! I’m a miser! I’m so happy. Should I start using it now or use it during CNY?

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