BellaBox Dec

Published January 2, 2012 by ireneyksoh

Damn! I’m so busy with work and other things that I totally forgotten about my BellaBox. The previous BellaBox were all opened with excitement, the very moment I received them. But this time, I was too tired too want to do anything except lying down on my bed and sleep. I guess age is really catching up on me. I tend to get more tired easily than before.  Okie, enough of me! Let’s move on to the box.

The theme for December issue of BellaBox is : PARTY IN STYLE, which sort of prepares you for the various parties and outing during the Xmas season.

And behold, the lovely items in my Dec BellaBox. I was like: “WOW!”. The items given were indeed so true to its theme. Its everything a gal would love to have to get her ready for a nights out partying. Not forgetting items for after care as well. Its simply fantastic.

While I’m typing out this post, I guess the team at BellaBox is getting ready to pack the latest Jan 2012 issue. i wonder what kind of theme would it be? Another party theme since chinese new year happens to fall in that month.


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