PageOne Warehouse Sales

Published December 31, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Today is the first day of the PageOne warehouse sales. I happily made my way there with a few friends to see if we can grab some good deals. Was so glad I did.

The first thing I saw when I arrived at the venue was a long line of people queueing to get in. But then again, with a discount of up to 90% off retail price, who isn’t excited about it? While waiting for my turn to get in, I spotted something interesting.


Just as many people were busy fanning themselves with whatever they can find to fence off the heat, along comes help riding on a scooter. It’s Ah Gong and Ah Ma to the rescue. Wohoo! I think I can faintly see a pair of wings flapping behind their back. Or am I just imagining things? That was such a timely arrival. They saved me from dehydration.

Was planning to grab some handicraft and computer books, but sadly did not manage to find any there. Maybe it was sold out before I arrived. Instead, I bought a lot of cookery books. Am so going to give them all to Jade. Think she know what I’m trying to hint from them. I’m such a gluttony. Not forgetting, I paid less than S$30 for all these babes.

There are still lots of good books round when I left. And I heard from the staffs that they will be constantly topping up the stocks. Do drop by to check out the deal if you are free. However, please take note that the last day of the warehouse sale is 02rd Jan 2012 and its ends at 6pm. Should I go again on the last day too?

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