Hello Kitty Facial Masks Packs

Published December 25, 2011 by ireneyksoh

A small parcel from Vivi Istore, containing my goodies arrived in my mailbox today. This is my second purchase from Vivi Istore and I seems to be getting more hook to it by the days. Very tempted to buy everything from her store because they were all so cheap and affordable. The temptation is especially strong these days as Vivi Istore is having a clearance sales. Many brand new items are going at super low and unbelievable prices. And when I said so, trust me. Its beyond your expectation.

A total of 10 packets of DIY facial mask sheets. Hooray! That’s a lot of mask if you ask me. Kinda kiasu of me, isn’t me? But I bet you would too if you know the price that Vivi Istore is selling these babes for. Now be prepare for the ultimate shock. I only paid a total of S$12, inclusive of S$1 postage and all these lovely babes belongs to me now. Bwahahaz! That works out to be only a mere S$1.10 per pack, or rather S$0.09 per mask. Omg! And that’s not all, Vivi Istore also kindly add in a free S$35 voucher for their makeup and hair styling service. How more sweet can a deal be?

It’s masking time for me again. Are you curious as to how I utilize those mask? Stay tune. Bwahahaz!

6 comments on “Hello Kitty Facial Masks Packs

    • its the same as normal mask. just that normal mask comes already soak with lotion. for this one, i get to choose the type of lotion or toner that i would like my mask to contain. and i choose hada labo SHA hydrating lotion

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