CozyCot 10th Birthday Bash

Published December 12, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Ever since the day I registered my sister and myself for the event, I’ve been looking forward to it with much anticipation and excitement. However,the higher the hope, the bigger the disappointment. This is exactly how I feel throughout the event.

My confirmation letter states that first 100 participants to arrive gets to own a special goodie bag and that participants can choose to arrive as early as 5pm for it. Being a typical kiasu singaporean, that is exactly what I did.

My sister and I arrived slightly after 5pm and was kinda happy that there were not much people around, which means the early bird goodie bag is ours to keep. Upon registering ourselves, we were handed with a stack of small coupons (1 for Zouk admission, 1 for free drink, 1 for goodie bag) and an activity card. And that’s is when we are both thrown with the first piece of bad news. Despite the fact that registration starts as early as 5pm, we are not allowed to enter Zouk until 6pm. I was like WTF! So my sister and I had to take a stroll around to pass time. Mind you, its drizzling outside and they did not bother or give a damn as to how we feel.

When we finally make our way back to Zouk at about 6.10pm, the crowd had started to form, but still entrance is being denied. Many of us were simply told to pass our tickets to the staff and get them to “stamp” something on the back of our wrist so as to facilitate faster entry to Zouk later. And that is the start of another bad news. We were told that we need to get our bags ‘check’ by one of the staff and that he will determine whether or not we are allowed to being our belongings into the premises. My sister had to deposit hers at the bag deposit counter while mine was spare the agony since it was empty except for a bottle drink, umbrella and eco bag. We were also given a choice to collect the goodie bags at a later time but choose not to. By now, you could have guessed how gloomy I was.

Was given a warm welcome by both emcees the moment we reached the centre stage. Seats were sparse and moving around was difficult, both because of the crowd and also of the heavy goodie bag.


Light refreshments were provided.  Tables around the centre stage was filled with lovely cupcakes. And the next refreshment within reach was ice-cream. Can’t help but feel that its more pathetic than ever. And just like all previous events, they had a VIP corner as well, where better food were provided. But that is out of bound for commoners like me.


Times seems to pass rather slowly while waiting for my turn to be call on stage to received prizes for being one of the winners of CozyCot’s most beloved cotters award at 9pm. Third piece of bad news. Despite being an “INVITED” award winner, I had to pay for my own entrance fees. So what’s the definition of being invited anyway? Not to mention, VIP corner is also out of bound to award winners as well. Isn’t award winners supposed to be pampered?

Being cold and hungry despite eating lots of cupcakes, my sister and I venture around Zouk to searching for food. But was shocked by their sky high prices. Even 7-eleven seems cheap as compare to them.

As I start to get weary of things around me, I don’t even have the mood to go onstage when they finally called my name. Instead, I got my lovely sister to go on my behalf. Really thankful to her for going through all this shit with me. I register her for this event, in the hope of sharing my joy with her. And also to enjoy ourselves there. Yet all this had to happen.

And for those who are curious about the early bird special goodie bag, above is a picture of its content. Not sure if anyone else agrees, but this seems to be the best goodie bag that I had gotten from CozyCot so fat. Or perhaps there were better ones that I do not know of.

And last of all, my goodie bag for being one of the Most beloved cotter 2011. Anyone wanna say something about the content? I’m kinda speechless by now.



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