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Watsons Christmas Member Preview Event

Published November 15, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Hooray to yet another wonderful member preview sales from my favourite Watsons Stores. I’ve been waiting for their sales to start since early november.

The preview event is exclusively for Watsons Card & DBS/POSB Debit/Credit Cardmembers. And is only happening for a day, 16th Nov 2011, from 12noon to 11pm. Each Watsons or DBS/POSB Debit/Credit Card entitles you to bring a friend along.


List Of Outlets

01. Ang Mo Kio Hub
02. Bugis Junction
03. Causeway Point
04. Clementi Mall
05. Compass Point
06. East Point
07. IMM
08. ION
09. Jurong-Point
10. NEX
11. North Point
12. Parkway Parade
13. Raffles City
14. Suntec City
15. Takashimaya Shopping Centre
16. Tampiness Mall
17. Tiong Bahru Plaza
18. Toa Payoh HDB hub (Blk 190)
19. Vivo City

Think I can only dropped by the one at Vivo City after work tomorrow. Hope still got good deals left when I reached.

Friend’s Birthday Celebration @ Downtown East

Published November 14, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Went to a friend’s birthday celebration held at Downtown East. Had a really great time there. Didn’t take much picture with my friend because she is too busy with other guests. And also because I don’t really know her other friends, most of my time was spent gobbling and feasting on the food available. I feel like a gluttony.

My friend prepared both vegetarian and non vegetarian food, to be served to all coming guest. Vegetarian foods were ordered from food caterer, while non vegetarian food had to be C.Y (Cook Yourself). And for that, she specially rent 2 barbeque pits. While waiting for the chicken wings to be cook, I shall first attack the vegetarian foods. Oh Boy! sure am I hungry with so many good foods around.

Got her a limited edition hello kitty x-mini speaker. Hope she like it. I loved to see her smiling face. May she remain happy and cheerful always.

More Surprise Giveaways Coming Soon… …

Published November 13, 2011 by ireneyksoh

While counting down to the arrival of Christmas season, I will also be holding more surprise giveaways to thank my friends who not only visited my humble blog, but also dropped me comments and wonderful advises. Without you all, I would have stopped blogging long ago.

The interval between each giveaway shall remain a secret until the post is being published. Prizes range from mystery bags to retail size products. So do keep a constant lookout for it if you are interested.

Til then, au revoir…


Hada Labo Olive Cleansing Oil, Anyone?

Published November 11, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Remember the Hada Labo Olive Cleansing Oil that I’ve tried and loved. Please read HERE.

The cleansing oil is such a lovely babe, isn’t it? I loved it to the max myself too. And liked I’ve always said, good things are meant to be shared. Therefore, I’ve prepared two small bottles to be given to my friends here.

I’ve bought 2 small 20ml travel bottles from Daiso and filled them both up with the Hada Labo Olive Cleansing Oil. Rules are rather simple this time. The first 2 friends to comment here with the following heading: ” I want Hada Labo Olive Cleansing Oil! ” gets to claim a bottle from me. Good luck!

NuTeen Prize giveaway Winner

Published November 10, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Thanks for taking part in my giveaway. It’s now time for me to reveal the winners name.

Prize: NuTeen Acne & Pimples Away Cleanser

Winner: Jason

Prize: NuTeen Acne & Shine Away Toner

Winner: Adeline

A very big congratulation to the two lucky winners. Please kindly email me your name and mailing address at, with the following heading: Ireneyksoh NuTeen Giveaway.

DIY Button Kit From Daiso

Published November 9, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Am very into craft recently and been to many places searching for and buying art materials. Art Friends and Golden Dragon are the two most popular places recommended to me by my friends. But recently, I tend to find small treasures of such at our local Daiso stores too.

My latest craft set from Daiso- DIY Button Kit. There were quite a few sizes available and I choose size 22mm. This is the 2nd lager size button that is available for sale at Daiso. I also got a pack of the refill so that I can make more. I shall now begin my craft work…


I took out the helping kit from the set and also a set of the button materials. For this trial, I decided to use stickers instead of the usual cloth material. And the above is the sticker that I’ve decided how my first DIY button shall look like. And I also prepared a clear plastic sheet as an extra protection for my soon to be accomplished button.


Firstly, I need to assemble the materials and place them in the following order: plastic sheet, sticker, then lastly, top part of button. Using the blue cover, I will need to push it down, till it hits the base of the white tool.


After that, trim away the excess and fold down the flaps onto the top button part. Part one is thus completed. Now I shall moved on to the final step.


 Finally, place the bottom part of the button into the white tool and pushed it down using the blue cover. The blue cover is to aid the pressing down of the lid without hurting your hand.


All I have to do now is to push my self-made button out from the white tool and it is then finally done. Pretty easy, isn’t it? Am now looking for more pictures to make other button. Am so gonna make more and sew them all onto my sling bag.

Amethystory Sample

Published November 8, 2011 by ireneyksoh

I requested for the Amethystory quite some time ago from their facebook page and was so happy that it finally arrived in my mailbox. It’s a 8ml bottle of Amethystory Mineral Aqua Gel that is adequate for at least a min 3 times usage. Oh my God! Isn’t that very generous of Ginvera? Can’t wait to try out the wonderful product. Click HERE if you would like to get one too.

Bifesta Bloggers Party

Published November 7, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Thanks to Mikki from SgFreebee for inviting me to the Bifesta Bloggers Party held at Mandom Office located at Great World City. I truly had a great time there.

The party was divided into 3 segments, being Ladies Styling, Cleansing (Makeup Remover) and Makeup Demonstration.

Talking about ladies styling, one would definitely think of this brand named Lucido-L. I’m sure most of you here would have heard of their name and have tried at least one of their wonderful products before. I have quite a number of their hair wax and hair sprays at home., and I’m totally sold by it too. It’s one of the few permanent products in my monthly shopping list.

Lucido-L had recently introduced 2 new members to their big family of haircare products- Hair Oil ( For Straight Hair) and Hair Oil ( For Permed Hair). And both of them contains CMC.

What exactly is CMC?

CMC is the short term for Cell Membrane Complex that exists among cuticles and cortex. It act as a bond between Cuticles and Cortex, supporting the inside of the hair to keep it moist and manageable from roots to the tips.

Without which, Cuticles and Cortex Cells will break away, resulting in dry and fuzzy hair. That is not something that anyone would look forward to.

Type Of Oil & Its Functions

Each of the two hair oil contains different presciptions, specially tailor-made to suit individual hair types and need.

Hair Manageable Memory oil, or Control Oil Prescription found in Hair Oil (For Straight Hair). The slightly dense hair oil tames spreading hair ends, resulting in more smooth and manageable hair.

Soft Memory Oil, or Mild Oil Prescription, found in Hair Oil ( For Permed Hair), enables hair to have a soft and light finish without drooping waves. due to its light oil density.

Next up was about Cleansing (Makeup Remover). The Brand name Bifesta may seems foreign to you now. But wait til you see the next picture.

It is actually the good old Cleansing Express. They had recently undergo a makeover, and rebrand itself as BiFesta in Oct this year.

The word BiFesta is a combination of two japanese words, with ‘BI’ meaning Beautiful and ‘Festa’ meaning Festival. And ‘BiFesta’ meaning Celebrate Beauty is thus formed. So true to its name, isn’t it?

Despite having a change in branding and in looks, the product DNA remains unchanged. It uses powerful water base technology, which contains moisturising properties from beauty lotions that are able to capture makeup and impurities and lift them from your skin.

It’s main component- New! Plus-ion Hyaluronic Acid Structure, plays another important role too. It helps retain moisture on skin even after washing off.

With a total of 7 different types for individual needs, there is bound to be one that suits you.

And finally, makeup demonstration. Two renowned makeup artist, Miss Sayuri Igarashi and Miss Sayaka Kondo were specially invited from Japan to demonstrate some simple ways of using the Kiss Me Heroine Make series.

I was too engrossed watching the demonstration and totally forgot about taking some pictures. But I can assure you, the results is stunning. The lovely sisters I met there look even more dashing after the touchup.

All guest were then treated to a sumptuous tea break. There were quite a variety of foods available but my eye were kinda set on the desserts. Guess my sweet tooth got the better of me.


The generous goodie bag given at the end of the party.I’ll be sharing some products with my friends here too. Do stay tune.

It’s FreeBie Time!

Wanna redeem a 30ml Cleansing Lotion Sebum ? It just take you 3 simple steps and a password from me.

01. Like BiFesta Facebook Page

02. Click on the Free Sample tab. Or simply click HERE.

03. Filled in your particulars and remember to quote ‘Ireneyksoh‘ in the password column.

And you’re done. Very simple, isn’t it?

Burger King Food Tasting Session

Published November 6, 2011 by ireneyksoh

Went with two  friends to a Burger King food tasting session at Novena Square quite some time ago and had truly enjoyed ourselves there. However, was kind of sad when we were presented with coupons for redemption of complimentary whooper meal. Both my friends and myself do not consume beef . In the end, the vouchers were passed to other friend.

Before leaving, we mentioned our concerns about the voucher to one of the staff who took down some notes and promised to look into the matter. I did not think much about it at that time. But Burger King gave me a very big surprise when they emailed me less that 2 days later, asking for my mailing address to send me some replacement vouchers. That is so sweet of them.


The mail containing three replacement vouchers from the King arriving in my mailbox. I’m so grateful. The King had not turn a deaf ear to the cries of his royal subjects. Long lived the King!


Something Good Is Happening … … Soon…

Published November 5, 2011 by ireneyksoh



I’m planning something good on my blog, which will be reveal next week. And for that, I would need some travel containers. A quick visit to Daiso and few minutes of browsing, I finally gotten my ideal bottles and check out with a big grin on my face.

Back at home, I carefully unscrew the bottles and filled them both with a transparent liquid. I’m now almost done with my preparations. My plan is about to take place soon too…  Something good is happening soon. But how soon, I’m not going to tell you. Bwahahaz!

Anyone wanna try guessing?